Clifford R. Larson Insurance Agency, Inc.

Testimonials - Clifford R. Larson Insurance Agency Lexington, MA 

Rustem Gode (Owner of Quad Cycles in Arlington)

My name is Rustem Gode and I have been doing business with the Clifford R. Larson Insurance Agency for several years and they are exceptional.  I can't believe how fast they have gotten me my plates and registration from the Registry of motor vehicles. In one case I got my plates in just over two hours from doing the paper work with their agency. It was incredible how quickly they did everything and best of all the registry service did not cost me a dime. 

Ephraim Weiss - Lexington, MA 

Cliff Larson has been overseeing all my insurance for about 25 years. He has served me well, saving me money by finding the best insurance values for my needs, and providing extra personal assistance in filling out forms as well as in dealing with the Registry on my behalf.

I'm a fussy customer, but Cliff has always been patient in providing answers to my questions and educating me in his area of expertise. He always reminds me that his customers are the most important part of his business.

My car and house were insured for more than 10 years with a large, well know mutual insurance company. I was a profitable client, with only a few low-cost claims. One day the company noted that I had "too many accidents over a short period of time." Without examining the small amount involved over this brief period, or the long term past and potential profits, the company simply dropped my auto insurance.

A friend referred Cliff Larson to me as friendly, honest and dependable. I found him to be economical as well, and he served as my insurance agent ever since.

Joe Kuhn - Lexington MA

 We have been doing business with Clifford R. Larson Insurance Agency since 1964. We have all of our business and all of personal insurance with Larson Insurance and have been very satisfied and will continue our relationship.

Rita M. Barnet

I am very pleased with Larson Insurnace Agency. The people in the office are very helpful if you need any help and they are very polite. I have had other Companies but never been treated as well.

Bonnie Posnak

Thank you for your hard work. You are unbelievable. I have worked with many insurance companies throughout my professional carreer and my personal life and I have never dealt with an agent who worked so hard on my behalf. You have my sincere gratitude and loyalty. I will tell everyone I know how dedicated Larson Insurance is to their clients. Thank you again for all your help. I would be happy to give you a testimonial for your web page ...just let me know..